Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Milk Chocolate, Heath Bar Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

I have a dear friend and I make him a birthday cake for his birthday every year. Each year I try to outdo the previous year.  For his 2014 cake, I decided it would be 4 layers, and  a Golf themed cake.  He is an avid golfer.  This particular cake was made with Milk Chocolate Cake Mix, 9 Heath Bars, nearly a jar of Caramel and tons of Whipped Cream Frosting.

I start with Boxed Cake Mix, and I don't care what anyone says, it is pretty hard to taste the difference.  My Aunt made hundreds of wedding cakes and used a box mix on every one of them. Instead of the water I use Coffee, it amps up the Chocolate flavor.

If you want your cakes to be nice and flat and not dome up, you need to do two things, cook it at 325 degrees or less and cook it longer.  Also, you need some Bake Even Strips, you wet them and put them around the cake pans and the moisture in the strips helps keep your pan cooler and it will cook more evenly!

I baked the cakes the day before assembling and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight

Ingredients for a 4 layer cake

2 Boxes Milk Chocolate Cake Mix
9 Heath Bars crushed
1 quart Heavy Whipping Cream
1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream


1. Golf accessories were bought at a craft store
2. I also purchased a special tip for my piping bag that makes grass
3. You will need Whipped Cream Stabilizer which you can buy at a cake or craft store

Make your cakes the day before, I used 2 nine inch cake pans.

First thing you need to do is carefully cut each cake in half, they have a special tool or you can use a large bread knife.

Get your base on the presentation platter or plate.  You may need to trim a bit off the tops to make them flat

Make your frosting, use a very cold bowl and beaters.  Read the instructions on the Whipped Cream Stabilizer to find out how much of that and how much sugar to use.  It calls for Powdered Sugar but I used regular and it worked just fine.

In between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers, I used frosting and sprinkled on the crushed Heath Bars.

Prior to frosting the 3rd layer, use a chop stick and place holes in the cake all the way to the bottom, then gently drizzle the caramel into those holes, they will fill right up, keep drizzling until they are full.

Place your layer of icing on top of the holes and place the top or 4th layer.

Frost the entire cake as you wish.

I saved back some frosting which I mixed with green gel food color to make the grass and a star tip for the edge around the bottom.

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Pam said...

Hey lady! We were just talking about the old neighborhood tonight at dinner and it made me miss you guys. I hope all is well in the 'hood.

This cake looks really awesome Cheryl! Great job. Say hi to John and Bella Sue for us (and Jack & Mary if you see them). xoxo

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