Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Best Cheese I have ever eaten

So, I have to tell you that today, I tried the most amazing cheese that I have ever had the opportunity to taste, it was simply amazing.

The Olive Tapenade Chevre is the first one I tried and purchased. It is so smooth and creamy and is like velvet on your tongue, I was totally blown away. If you are a cheese lover, check their website out here, they also sell other varieties of cheeses and are based here in the Pacific Northwest.

They are at our local Farmers Market as well, if you can go in person.

I highly recommend their cheese, up next I am trying their Roasted Hazelnut and Frangelico Goat Cheese, can you imagine that!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plantains, Two Ways

My husband gets to sample food from all over the world on his travels. He decided to fix me dinner, and made Plantains two ways, fried green plantains called Tostones and ripe Plantains, called Maduros. He actually fried the green ones and they taste a bit like bananna chips, the Tostones he fried as well and then baked some in the traditional manner.

I have to say I loved the ripe Plantains, both fried (twice) and baked, they were so dang good. I am afraid I am seriously addicted. The green ones (which were also fried twice), were not my thing.

They are served with two seperate dipping sauces which are both amazing!

This particular blog post is nearly a year old and I never did add the information on the sauces and cooking them, but it should be pretty easy to find on the web!

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