Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chile Con Limon

This is not a post about food, but rather one of my most favorite spice mixes.

I got turned onto it years ago by a Hispanic friend, she put it on some melon and I nearly lost my mind!

It is a combination of chili spices, salt, lemon and lime, and something you must have in your pantry!

It is sooo yummy on everything from eggs to cantaloupe, including corn on the cob, absolutely amazing.

You can find it at any local Tienda or order it online here


Lea Ann said...

I was down in Tucson a few years ago and they had the most interesting chili spice mix sprinkled on top of Mexican Snow Cones...this sounds really close to being what it could have been. If so, I agree, it's WONderful.

sophia said...

I think I saw this in my local Mexican grocery store! This would be soooo good on fresh, raw guava slices, too!

Bethie said...

Just added to my grocery list, so I can look for it. Thanks!!

teresa said...

i want some!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm going to check the store for it!

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