Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Mother In Laws Cauliflower

I had never heard of doing this to a head of Cauliflower until I met my mother-in-law, more of a mother actually, she has helped raise me since I was a wee lass of 15 years old!

It is a delicious side dish, and I made it the other day in her honor! Try it, I guarantee you will love it!

1 head of Cauliflower
Miracle Whip
Minced Onion
Grated Cheddar or whatever kind of cheese you like

Wash the head of cauliflower, remove leaves, and get as much of the core out as possible, pat dry

Spread generously with Miracle Whip, add the minced onion and cheese

Cover with wax paper until it cups under the head of cauliflower

Cook in microwave on high for 7 minutes per pound


Pam said...

Wow. Looks tasty. Chad won't eat cauliflower but he might with all the cheese on it.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely compliment. I'm so glad that you liked it, and even more, that you have made it. Thank you for the honor. Love you, Sweetie.

NuKiwi said...

Ooh...what a yummy looking idea overall(except the Miracle Whip - eeyew!).

We don't get MW here anyway, but the Kiwi Mayonnaise (ETA brand or Pam's brand) are sweet like MW.

We have about 8 cauliflowers growing in the veggie garden now, so perhaps we might try this tonight - sans MW, of course...unless you REALLY think it adds something - ONLY then MAYBE I will give it a go, otherwise it might be homemade ranch dressing or Best Foods Mayo instead. :o)

Paula said...

What a nice tribute to your MIL. How great that you have a special relationship with her. I've heard of smothered cauliflower, and as I'm a big cauliflower fan, I'd love to try this. Especially since it is a microwave recipe! Good one, Cheryl!

test it comm said...

You can't go wrong with miracle whip and gooey melted cheese!

Heather said...

yum! i love melting cheese on cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, you name it! cheese makes anything better :)

Raquel said...

That looks amazing! I love cauliflower just about any way you fix it, but honey will only eat it with cheese. This solves the problem! Much love, Raquel XO

Jan said...

I make cauliflower cheese in a similar way, but without the miracle whip and baked in the oven. The microwave sounds so much easier. I will definitely be trying this.

gaga said...

Wow, what a great idea! I've never served cauliflower whole like this. And cheese just makes everything better =)

MortonFamily said...

My dear this is in the dessert category.... But I am so very happy it was... I am going to try this out FOR SURE!!!!!!!

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