Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buffalo Chicken Legs

My husband and I really love Buffalo Wings, but the drawbacks are that they are fatty, fried, and I only like the legs not the wings. I have been wanting to try to create that same taste but with full sized chicken legs. The key, in my opinion, is Frank's Red Hot Sauce!

Chicken Legs (as many as you want), I put several horizontal slices in each leg, so it can absorb the marinade

Marinade (make enough to cover the legs)
2-3 TBL Soy Sauce
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
Dash, or to taste Cayenne Pepper
Frank's Red Hot Sauce (Buffalo version)
Marinate the legs in the above mixture, anywhere from 4 hours to overnight, drain the marinade

To make the Buffalo Sauce, in a saucepan mix Franks Red Hot, several dashes of Tabasco and Butter, (you are supposed to use an equal butter to Franks mixture, but that was a bit rich for me, I just added about 2 cups of Franks to 1/2 cube butter)

Place the legs on a non stock sheet pan and cook at 425 for 30 minutes

Remove and brush with the Buffalo Sauce, reduce heat to 350 and cook for another 10 minutes, brushing occasionally with the sauce.

Remove the legs to a bowl with remaining sauce and mix well.

I served with Blue Cheese dressing and celery


Pam said...

I will have to try these. Chad loves Franks red hot! They look delicious.

MaryBeth said...

Looks good, but you know me I can't do spicy. If I could this would be it.

Raquel said...

i love hot wings! This is a definite try for me when I get my own house! Much love, Raquel XO

Jan said...

I always prefer the buffalo legs to the wings. This sounds like a great variation, and I like the idea of roasting them too.

Paula said...

I don't know how I'm missing these posts! I check everyday, and didn't see this one. Hmmmm.

Anyway ... I'm glad I did see this because this will be a hit in my house. My son is at long last starting to try different foods and he likes hot wings (go figure!). The drawback is everything you listed plus it takes about a million to fill him up. These legs are a great idea, and the sauce sounds really GREAT! I've not tried Frank's Sauce, but I've seen it many times. I'll have to grab a bottle. YUM! Great photo, too!

Shelby said...

These look delicious and much better than a fried fatty wing! We love Franks Red Hot here - we use it on a lot of different things!

Will said...

These look amazing!!! I like the addition of the Soy Sauce and Rice Wine. Mixes well with the larger pieces. Great blog check out mine sometime :)

Jacob Isreal said...

Nice recipe! I like the tangy flavor of Apple Cider Vinegar with the marinade. Great job!

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