Friday, April 18, 2008

Whipped Savory Yams

Until about 15 years ago I thought the only way to eat yams was covered in butter, brown sugar and marshmallows. We went to a friends house for dinner and she served them savory, I was hooked. It is a refreshing way to serve Yams!

2 yams, peeled, cubed, cooked until fork tender and drained
1/2 cube butter or margarine
salt and pepper to taste
Cayenne pepper to taste, I use 1/2 tsp but I like heat
crumbled bacon (optional)
1/2 tsp fresh sage chopped finely

Add the above ingredients to your Yams, whip them with your hand held mixer and serve. They are amazing!


Cheryl said...

I will have to try this. I hate sweet potatoes usually, especially the really sweet kind. I've been looking for a savory recipe and this one looks good.

Lina said...

I love yams and sweet potatoes although I dont get to have much of them in the spring or summer. Great recipe!

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