Boneless Beef Ribs in the Crockpot

I spotted some beautiful looking boneless beef ribs at the grocery store and just had to buy them, I had visions of them cooking low and slow in my crockpot. They were tender, fall apart yummy after 8 hours or so, it was perfect for this rainy and dreary day.

My husband once told me that Pineapple has enzymes that help break down meat, so I had the bright idea to add fresh pineapple chunks to the braising liquid, it added flavor and helped the meat with tenderness factor. The braising liquid in fact was so good, my husband made me save it in the freezer for another time.

One other thing I think is very important for crockpot items or roasts, is to sear the meat on all sides prior to adding to your crockpot.

This a super easy recipe and they are very versatile as well, you could serve them with rice or mashed potatoes. I used some of the leftover braising liquid to make a nice pan gravy.

4-5 large boneless beef ribs
1 pint of beer (use a light Lager, we used Red Stripe)
1/2 to 1 bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce
1 cup of Fresh Pineapple chunks
1/2 onion, sliced thinly
Salt and Pepper

Bring your ribs to room temperature and blot them dry of any moisture, salt and pepper both sides

Sear the ribs using a very hot pan and a bit of oil, sear on all 4 sides of the rib

In the meantime place your thinly sliced onions on the bottom of your crock pot

Place your seared ribs on top of the onions and add your beer and enough barbecue sauce to cover the ribs

Add your pineapple chunks and cook on high for 6 to 8 hours, the longer the better

Serve with rice or mashed potatoes


They sound WONDERFUL... and you have lots of little tips that make a great rib... low and slow, the sweet of the pineapple pairs with the heat and spice of the BBQ sauce, and bringing the ribs to room temp before the cooking process starts... A wonderful post!

And I bet that pineapple gravy is killer!
Bethie said…
YUM!! I have heard both about pineapple and kiwi.
You did a fabulous job with the ribs Cheryl! I've been craving beef ribs but for some unknown reason they aren't that easy to find here.

I love pineapple with BBQ sauce! I bet it really did perk up your braising sauce.
Looks great. I'm so cold and sick of being cold. I wish I had this simmering away in my kitchen!
teresa said…
oh my gosh, you just can't beat a dinner like this, they sound amazing!
tamilyn said…
I never knew about the drying off of meat until I saw Julie and Julia! Now I make sure to do it all the time. I love those little beef ribs-my hubby prefers pork, but we can't always do what he, who does the cooking?
Debbie said…
I love crock pot recipes - I don't have any for boneless ribs to thanks for posting this. Looks delicious and I just love the gravy!!!
Aren't you clever??!! I totally agree-- searing meat before slow cooking only adds more flavor.
This looks amazing! Braising meat is a kick I've been on, lately. I just need to find time to post them.
Oh...and saving the liquid... also smart. I often use it to flavor soups. Works great!
Pam said…
Yum - you just can't beat ribs! Adding the pineapple is a great idea.
Sophie said…
This dish sounds so good to my husbnad!! He loves dishes as grand as this!

Thanks, Cheryl!
grace said…
boneless ribs. that just sounds funny, am i right? it doesn't look funny, though, it looks scrumptious. hooray for the crockpot, once again. :)
Bethie said…
I nominated you for an award!!
Gabe's Girl said…
I am a BIG fan of crock pot recipes. I love ribs. I have NEVER made them in a crock pot. I really need too. Your pictures are looking so good. Great post!
Donna-FFW said…
Oh these sound marvelous!! I love the thought of that pineapple barbecue sauce.. crockpot prep, perfect winter meal, Cheryl!
The Blonde Duck said…
You read my mind about trying to cook ribs, didn't you! Yum!
MaryBeth said…
We made some of these last year in the crock pot and they simply turned out marvelous....So i can only guess that yours were just as delish!!!
sophia said…
That's it. I'm getting a crockpot. If only to make this amazing recipe. nice and slow, tenderizing in the juices of fresh sounds TOO good for words!
Wow - that looks TOTALLY delicious! I just had breakfast...and now I'm hungry again! :-)

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Muneeba said…
Pineapple chunks, eh?? Now that's intriguing ... looks absolutely fantastic though, no doubt about that!
Sook said…
I love crockpot recipes! This sounds so great.
Elra said…
It always nice and delicious when you cook them in a slow cooker, isn't it. Love the silky look of that ribs. Well done Cheryl.
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Thank you so much this turned out wonderful! I'm posting it for Monday AM with a link to you :)
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Janet said…
I found this receipe yeaterday, printed it out, and made a list of the items I needed. Today I went out and bought the items, came home and couldn't find the reciepe! I got on-line and same problem I couldn't find the receipe, I don't know what I typed in to find it yesterday but today it took me an hour to find it, I printed it, taped it to the fridge since it's too late today to cook it now. I left a note on the receipe, something about losing fingers if you touched it.
Anonymous said…
These are AMAZING! We subbed Dr. Pepper (from the original place in Waco, TX that uses cane sugar) for the beer. If we had added carrots and potatoes this would be like Sunday pot roast!

Anonymous said…
Can I substitute the beer for another liquid??

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