Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and a Giveaway

The nice folks at Country Bob's were kind enough to send me two bottles of the most fantastic sauce I have ever had! Seriously, it tastes nothing like any other bottled sauce I have used, and since we barbecue and smoke often, we have tried many. You can click on the link above and order ya some! For me, it replaces my steak sauce and my usual barbecue sauce and would be good on any protein.

We were dying to use the sauce so I purchased some beautiful boneless country ribs (they were inexpensive to boot). I got a great tip from my butcher which I will share with you!

p.s. the secret is to boil the ribs for 15 minutes in a large pot filled with one, 2 liter bottle of generic or store brand orange soda! I did just that and also added the juice of half an orange. It helps tenderize the ribs and melts off some of the fat.

Since I was on an orange bent anyway, I poured some Bob's into a bowl and added the juice of the other half of the orange and basted the ribs while cooking! This is my new favorite recipe!

4 large boneless country pork ribs
1 cup of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce
1 juicy orange
1 two liter bottle of regular orange soda

Boil the ribs for 15 minutes in the soda and the juice of half the orange, remove and place on your barbecue (at full heat) then lower to 250 degrees on indirect heat (throw in some hickory chips if you have em).
**You could smoke them or bake them in the oven as well***

Baste occasionally with the sauce and cook for 1 1/2 hours!

The folks at Bob's were kind enough to sponsor a giveaway! Just leave me a comment by the end of this week, and we will randomly pick a winner to receive 2 bottles of this fantastic sauce! Good Luck!


♥peachkins♥ said…
this is mouthwatering barbecue!
I am a BBQ fanatic! My daddy makes the best rub! {I dont think he really makes it but I dont let on that I think he special orders it from a guy somewhere!}
favorite anything is anything wrapped in bacon...

Sausage wrapped in bacon
no...pork loin wrapped in bacon
no...Filets wrapped in bacon
no...scallops wrapped in bacon wrapped in bacon
no...shrimp wrapped in bacon
oh you get the idea

Bacon is my choice
Donna-FFW said…
What a fantastic tip Ill have to try it!

My fav grilled dish at the moment is smoked paprika flank steak with basil butter:):)
Cheryl said…
We mainly bbq chicken, but I'll try anything.
Country Bob's is really good sauce.

We are eaking out the last few good days to grill.
Debbie said…
Great tip Cheryl - thanks! The sauce sounds wonderful. Would love to try some.
Tiff said…
My brother is a true lover of Country Bob's!! It's a definite must try, sad thing is I've never tasted it! Maybe I'll get my chance! Thanks for the giveaway!
Rita said…
That recipe sounds delicous! I would love to try Country Bob's sauce.
Marjie said…
Boiling in soda? Sounds like a good idea.
Pam said…
I love this sauce too! Adding the orange juice to the sauce is a great idea.
Looks delicious!! I'm always anxious to try new sauces.
The Blonde Duck said…
I've seen this and always wondered if it was good! Glad to have the review!
Christina Kim said…
is the orange soda thing also for flavor? or just for tenderizing?
NuKiwi said…
Sounds delish! You always could rock a BBQ!!! :o) I wonder what shipping to NZ would be?... Hmmm.
Orange soda? Very interesting. In these parts it would be Dr. Pepper.
It looks wonderful!
figtree said…
wow.. can it get any better than this??? YUM Figtreeapps
Bethie said…
Ooooooh, that's a new one for me! Looks and sounds yummy.
I've heard of Cola Ribs, but who knew that Orange Soda would be so great?! I love that! Living in California, I am spoiled and we grill year-round! Yummy!
The Blonde Duck said…
My official contest comment.
MaryBeth said…
The chicken looks fabulous and I bet this sauce is wonderful..
Krystal said…
that looks awesome. I've never heard of that sauce, but I love the idea of the orange!
Lea Ann said…
This looks WONderful. I just found your blog through My Year On the Grill. I'm an Oregon food and wine fan and look forward to your posts.

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