Cowboy Pancakes

My husband made this once for me many moons ago and I loved it, but had totally forgotten about it.

Somehow, when I was at my local quick mart, I got talking to the cashier and he told me it was his favorite dinner. He adds shredded cheese and salsa to his. It goes by many different names, but he referred to it as Cowboy Pancakes, and liked that one best!

It was a great reminder and my mouth was watering, so we had it for breakfast today.

I could not remember what the original name of the dish was, so I did a bit of research, it goes by many names!

Some other names for it are; "one-eyed Egyptian", "cowboy eggs", "egg in toast", "eggs in a blanket", "egg in a hat", "egg in a well", "eggs in a frame", "eggs in a nest", "bird (or birdie) in the nest", "eggy toast", "Eye Openers", "gas house eggs", "gasthaus eggs", "hole in one", "one-eyed jacks", "one-eyed sailor sandwich", "popeye eggs", "rocky mountain eggs", "wes-egg", "Egyptian fish eye", "peekaboo toast", "egg in the window", "eggie' in a basket" and "sunshine toast".

4 slices of hearty seedy bread (we love Dave's Killer Bread)
4 eggs
shredded cheese (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Butter one side of your bread

Using whatever you like, cut a round circle out of the middle of each bread slice, save them (we used an empty soup can with both ends removed)

Place the bread buttered side down on your griddle or skillet, break your egg in the middle (also place your bread circles on the griddle)

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook to your liking and flip over (if you want your eggs cooked hard, break the yolk), I like my yolks runny

Serve with fresh fruit and you have a quick, balanced meal


MaryBeth said…
I love these....I call them toad in a whole.
We called them eggs in a basket and I still make them today and love them as much as when I was a kid!!
♥peachkins♥ said…
we call these eggs in a nest.. and I love it!
Donna-FFW said…
I have never had this.. I am going to have to try it. Sounds so simple and delicious. And a runny egg would be perfect surrounded by the grilled toast.
Debbie said…
I've never heard or seen this dish before but it sure looks good!
Tam Hess said…
Oh that does look yummy! Missed you at the 4th! Lets get the doggies together. xoxo
Cheryl said…
I love these...that bread looks wonderful. :-)
The Blonde Duck said…
How cute! I used to make these for the kid I baby sat for.
Sara said…
My husband loves these - we call them egg in a hole!
Paula said…
Mmmm ... I love eggs in the hole, but now I'll call them Cowboy Eggs! Dave's Killer bread is killer! Love it! And I love this meal just as you've made it with some fruit and sass-age! :-) YUM!
maris said…
I've seen these but never made it - I wish my mother had heard of these when I was a kid because it seems like a really fun breakfast! For adults or kids!
burpandslurp said…
toads in a hole! Haha, but cowboy pancakes sounds more appealing! I LOVE these! soooo fun to eat!
Tina Morton said…
Oh Cheryl.... I cooked these for Seth this morning... and he had left over scottish eggs for seconds!!!! Thank you for helping me come up with great breakfast meals for my husband! :) Ps he thanks you too! :)
NuKiwi said…
Ha - ya missed one! My dad made them to cheer me up...called 'em "Bullseye Eggs". Good memories with that one.
Jan said…
We call these eggs in blankets in England. I've never made them before - but that can be remedied -looks yum, Cheryl.
Spryte said…
Toad in Hole! YUM!!!
Esi said…
I love making this every so often and topping with a bit of shredded cheese. Easy and so good!
Unknown said…
cowboy pancakes, always my favorite <3

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