Heath Bar Crunch Cake - Dessert Week

Sorry Dessert Week was delayed, but here we are! I hope you all had a spectacular Easter weekend!

My first blog for Dessert Week was this cake for a friend as a "Thank You" and it is childishly delicious! I love putting candy bars into cakes, and as you know I am the Queen of the Cake Mix. I would have added Kahlua and some coffee to this cake, but I had no idea if a kid would be eating it, so I omitted it this time.

I also got to experiment with a product called Pastry Pride, which is a non dairy whipped topping mostly used to frost cakes. I normally use heavy whipping cream for my "frosting" as it is easy to work with and low carb compared to a buttercream frosting. I was impressed, it tasted amazing and really held up compared to whipped cream.

I also remembered to use the trick told to me by a sweet old Jewish lady which was to never cook your cake at more than 300 degrees and it will help it stay flat, which works every single time!

1 box of Devils Food Cake Mix
4 Heath Bars Crushed, I used the back of a small heavy sauce pan
1 quart of Pastry Pride or Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tbl pure Vanilla Extract

Make your cake mix and evenly pour into two cake pans, shake them a bit to get the bubbles out and make them even

Bake at 300 degrees for approximately 30 minutes, checking for doneness often.

Remove from oven when a tooth pick comes out clean, let cool

Whip your Pastry Pride or Whipped topping (be sure and add the Vanilla) until medium to stiff peaks form

Frosting the top, add in 1/2 your crushed Heath Bars

Add the 2nd layer, then frost the entire cake

You can use a piping bag and decorate as I did

Add the remaining 2 crushed heath bars on top

Keep Refrigerated


Christina Kim said…
I. love. cake. I could literally consume that entire cake in one sitting!!!!!!! Looks sooo good, Cheryl!
MaryBeth said…
I am sorry that some how I missed out on the taste testing of this fabulous cake.... That's ok, I am sure that whom ever did get to try it simply loved it!
Donna-FFW said…
ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, my friend. My FFH loves heath bars, he'd be all over this one, and I LOVE the thick frosting layers, so like me.. Did ja use the original cake mix ingredients or a snazzy version like with the sour cream.. wow you are queen of cake mixes and comments.. that is so cool.
Elra said…
Beautiful, perfect layer, and mouth watering cake.
Mhhh delicious!
Heather said…
mmm. you can't go wrong with cake! that looks delicious :)
Elyse said…
Yay for dessert week!!!! I'm super psyched. And what a great cake to start us off. First of all, I adore heath bars. They are so awesome. Talk about amazing flavors. And that crunch pairs so well with cake. I've never heard of Pastry Pride, but I can't wait to try it out. And thanks for the 300 degree trick! I never knew.
Sharon said…
Ooh, I would love to try this with a little Kahlua! Maybe next time you can send me a slice :) Hope you had a happy Easter!
Debbie said…
I'm glad I am back in time for dessert week. My favorite part of a meal. I have a book that uses only cake mixes that you add things to. I love using mixes...I will try the 300 degree trick. I will be making this cake sometime soon. I love Heath bars and it looks wonderful. Can't wait till you get the "little girl." How exciting!!!!
Your cake is amazing! I am bookmarking this. I have to give it a try!
Sophie said…
MMMMMM...Cheryl! Your cake looks divine!!
Pam said…
It turned out so beautiful Cheryl. I am sure your friend was extremely happy to get this cake.
Netts Nook said…
Cheryl looks tasty love all the cream and chocolate together.Yummy.
The Blonde Duck said…
Sweet wounded wuffles. I want to eat the whole thing.
Cakespy said…
This cake looks like heaven on a plate!
Mmmmm... I make a cake that's similar and it is fantastic! I love the pics you took. They look so yummy!!!
OMGOSH, this looks devine. I think I just gained 10 pounds looking at it, please excuse me while I wipe the drool away from my mouth.

I gotta try this!

Thanks for sharing.

Christina Kim said…
Cheryl, in response to your comment -- yes the cutting board is bamboo! I love it!
Fantastic job! I love heath bars. I have to stay away from this, or I'll not be able to zip my jeans. I've always wondered about that whipped cream product. I think it's at Smart & Final? I'll have to look for it.
Thanks for the tip.

Jan said…
Why do I never get thank you's like this? Don't answer that. :-)
Looks fabulous Cheryl.
burpandslurp said…
who is the lucky friend who received this GORGEOUS cake? omg! heath bars and cake...yum!
Sara said…
Heath bars are a favorite of mine. I do think the only way to improve them is to put them in a cake.
NuKiwi said…
Looks lovely...I'll have to send you some Kiwi lollies (candy) and see what you do with them!!! ;o)
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