Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

These pancakes were soo tasty with a hint of cinnamon and the finely diced apples inside, perfect for a cold winter morning! We had them with eggs and sausage! Delicious!

Buttermilk Pancake recipe of your choice. We've written about this before. We use a pint of buttermilk and mix in dry Krusteaz buttermilk mix to reach the desired consistency. We prefer it on the thin side. By using buttermilk instead of water (what the dry mix actually calls for) you get a fluffier and VERY tender cake. This is one of the very few items we prefer to use a mix for.

2 to 3 tsp tsp cinnamon or to taste
1 small (~6oz) apple, skinned, cored and diced into very (~1/8')small cubes (we used golden decilcious)

microwave the apples with 1 tsp of sugar mixed in for 1 minute

Add the cinnamon and the apples to your pancake mix. Cook as you normally would on a 350deg non-stick griddle or pan.

Side note on griddles. We researched and then searched for a recommended brand (on-line reviews). We found it for $50 -- it was horrible and sticky from day one. Buy a cheap one for <$20. They last just as long and have superior non-stick qualities. Keep an eye on your Macy's fliers and occasionally you'll see them for <$10.


Joan said...

Those look so good I want to cuss. What a great winter time breakfast.

I have something for you at my page!!

Debbie said...

I love pancakes. So good for breakfast!!

Pam said...

Pretty and tasty... great recipe Cheryl.

Darius T. Williams said...

I could go for these - they look great!

CT said...

Yum! You are making me hungry CD. Nice kudos to the photographer too.

Heather said...

soo good!! i love that you sprinkled the cinnamon on the apples, too :) yum!

NuKiwi said...

We love pancakes too.

It's strange here though - they like to put jam and whipped cream on nearly EVERYTHING...oh, and they call these "pikelets" (pronounced pie-klets) and make them much smaller, they call the really BIG ones "American flapjacks/pancakes".

The syrups leave something to be desired though... :o)

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