Boo Chips

I spotted these little babies a few weeks ago and since I am GAGA over Halloween, I had to have them! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I decorate our home to the hilt! We dress up the dog as well!
This year my sweetie will be away at School for two weeks out of the month so I am protesting by going easy on the decorations!

The chips tasted exactly like Pringles, and would be a fun addition to any Halloween Party. I highly recommend them!


Pam said…
Too cute. Both my kids would love them (and so would I).
NuKiwi said…
How do you keep them from getting broken??? That's pretty funny - I like it!
Raquel said…
Those are so cute!!~!! Much love, Raquel XO
Stef said…
Those are so cute!! Totally love them!
MaryBeth said…
The kids and I have gotten these chips before at Cost Plus World Market, we loved them and you are correct, they do taste just like a pringle.
Hillary said…
These are too cute! I caught these on Tastespotting and was hoping you'd have some step by step photos...oh well, thanks for sharing!

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