Italian Smore's

My husband and I were goofing around and wondered, what would an Italian Smore look like exactly. We figured something like this. I used Nutella spread instead of chocolate, and served oranges on the side. If nothing else, it was amazingly good! Graham Crackers, Nutella, Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate Sauce, and you have what we "think" an Italian Smore should be!

Graham Crackers
Nutella Spread
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Sauce

Spread a thin layer of Nutella on your graham cracker
Carefully place your marshmallows covering the cracker
Use a torch or the broiler to toast your mallows
Drizzle with chocolate sauce
Dip your oranges into the sauce



Fearless Kitchen said…
This looks great. I love how you've used the nutella spread!
Paula said…
Aw, I love that you and your hubby goof around in the kitchen together! Your Italian smores look so fancy, and those chocolate orange wedges would disappear rather quickly around here!
Pam said…
I've never had Nutella - I really need to try it soon. This looks great! I am sure my kids would really love it.
Raquel said…
Wowsa! That looks fab. I think that I would have maybe used pizzelle cookies instead of a graham cracker. Much love, Raquel XO
MaryBeth said…
I don't know about it being Italian, but it sure looks good.
Jan said…
Before moving to the US I had never heard of "smores," and am still not totally sure what they are now. But whatever they are, these look pretty darn good. You see I am learning all the time. :-)
Sue said…
I just found your blog and it's wonderful.

THAT is a brilliant idea for s'mores. I experimented a while ago making savory ones - my favorite was gruyere melted with sundried tomato slivers in between kalamata olive Z crackers.
Karen said…
What a great idea using nutella! We're going to have to try this...
Tartelette said…
Hi there! I was doing a search for my mom to explain to her what s'mores were and I found yours: double wow! Nutella!! Love that stuff!

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