Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grilled Peaches

I have been wanting to grill Peaches all summer and I finally did it. You can drizzle them with honey, balsamic vinegar and add all sorts of toppings including ice cream! I ate mine with just a few Raspberries and a drizzle of Balsamic and they were wonderful.

2 ripe peaches, cut in half pit removed
fresh ground pepper
cooking spray
Balsamic Vinegar (the good stuff not the cheap kind)

Spray the peaches with a bit of pan spray to prevent sticking
fresh ground pepper to your taste
place peaches face down on the grill and grill for 2 minutes

turn them 1/4 turn and grill for 1 more minute (makes the pretty grill marks)

Add whatever toppings you like


Pam said...

What a nice combination of flavors. Looks great!

Cheryl said...

I just bought a half flat of peaches. I would never have thought to use balsamic vinegar on them.

Cheryl said...

B and J use the db I personally like asshat..;-)

Paula said...

You found ripe peaches! I haven't had one yet, although we did have some nice nectarines a couple weeks ago. These grilled peaches look wonderful! I like the idea of balsamic vinegar on them, and the pepper probably gives them a nice little kick!

Raquel said...

Peaches! I love peaches. We have an orchard about 60 miles south where we can get nice ones, will have to check Saturday. Funny how peaches go good with pepper and vinegar, who woulda thunk it? Much love - Raquel XO

Krysta said...

mmm... everyone keeps rubbing in that they have ripe peaches coming in, i haven't seen too many around here, yet. i wonder how grilled peach ice cream would taste?

Jan said...

Mmmmm! Interesting combination, Cheryl. I would never have thought of balsamic vinegar and peaches.
Sounds good. And they grill, always a plus during the summer.

Ashley said...

I have yet to find peaches that are worthy of doing anything good with (aside from Jam) yours look absolutely amazing :)

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