Friday, May 9, 2008

Barbequeued Chicken Legs

This is another favorite at our house, my husband is a barbecue nut, has a smoker, a charcoal and a new gas barbecue, and we cook on them year round! We like these quite spicy. The key is the marinade. I will let him tell you how he makes em!

Guest says:
Use parts that are flavorful and dark for the best overall taste. In this case we used all chicken legs. You can get by with thighs but overall they are fattier and create a messier situation on the grill. I used to use a complicated solution of soy, teriyaki, ginger and so on but realized after much experimentation that "Yoshida Gourmet Sauce" works just fine. We buy it in bulk at Costco/Sams at a MUCH reduced savings over the market.
Parts chilled, I use a very sharp knife to cut a diagonal in the meatiest portion. Chilled because it's easier to cut while holding. Be CAREFUL! By diagonal, I mean an angle of about 30 degrees to the bone. Roll the cut up. Again, be careful! I have cut myself before. Put the cut pieces in a gallon ziplock and put in enough Yoshida's to cover at least 3/4 of the meat lying flat. You likc spice? If so, buy yourself some Dave's Insanity Sauce (available online from Add no more than 1 tablespoon if you like it HOT. If you know you like to hurt, add two. You should rotate (flip) the meat at least twice in 24hours. Four times is optimal for the insomniac. Now, what you have after the 24hours is a brined piece of meat soaked in sugar as well.

Start the grill. I use different wood chips based on mood and desired outcome. If you're prone to indigestion (heartburn) from BBQ then try a sweeter smoke (apple, alder, maple). If you like a Kick-butt flavor, go Hickory. Figure out a way for your grill to have smoke while keeping the temperature about 250 degrees. Ideally, for meat that has been marinated in a sugar sauce, you want it to cook slowly on an indirect heat with smoke blowing for as long as possible.

Blackening? Well, we'll call it "carmalization". The key with marinated meats on a grill (all except fish) is to cook to near completion indirectly then add a sauce to coat and crispen in the final few minutes. This requires diligence and attention. Once the chicken parts are close to done (~155-160 degrees) add a liberal coat of your favorite BBQ sauce (I've made my own but... a brand called "Show Me" is a standout -- look online). Coat, turn, brown, coat again, turn. It's a messy affair and you'll want to throw the grill away when you are done but you end up with a crust like marshmallows at a campfire. Sweet, smokey, delicious. I promise you that. Dont overcook them and plan for at least TWO turns per side. Pull them off the grill and tent the mass. Let it sit for 15-20 prior to serve.

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